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ICT Vocabulary Display - Years 3 & 4

A complete set of ICT Technical Vocabulary, for use during Years 3 & 4, as detailed in the QCA for ICT.


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A complete set of ICT Technical Vocabulary, for use during Years 3 & 4, as detailed in the QCA for ICT. 

Each flashcard measures 24cm by 7cm, and is designed using the recommended font for primary school children - Sassoon Primary in size 100.

The following units are included in this package:

  • QCA Unit 3A - Combining Text & Graphics
  • QCA Unit 3B - Manipulating Sound
  • QCA Unit 3C - Introduction to Databases
  • QCA Unit 3D - Exploring Simulations
  • QCA Unit 3E - E-mail
  • QCA Unit 4A - Writing for Different Audiences
  • QCA Unit 4B - Developing Images using Repeating Patterns
  • QCA Unit 4C - Branching Databases
  • QCA Unit 4D - Collecting & Presenting Information
  • QCA Unit 4E - Modelling Effects on Screen

You will also receive blank sets of cards, should you wish to write your own additional vocabulary.

Each unit contains the necessary technical vocabulary flashcards and a Title Sheet to display alongside the words.

Each flashcard has an attractive, colourful border and has been designed to be highly visible from a distance.

Each year group's set of flashcards has a different border style/colour to help you to differentiate between them. 

In addition, the QCA unit and title is printed at the foot of each sheet of flashcards.

It is good practice to display ICT vocabulary in the computer area as children become aware of the words and their meaning in relation to the task that they are carrying out when using the computer.

Tip: The words on display can be changed according to the unit being taught and can be referred to by the teacher/pupils throughout the unit.

Tip: The words could also be used in a quiz, crossword or as a form of self-assessment by the pupils.

Tip: Laminate the flashcards to create durable sets.

Use of attractively-designed key words during ICT can increase motivation and raise attainment. Flashcards also make a positive contribution to classroom display.

File Format: PDF & Ms Word (zipped)

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