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Discussion Genre Display Pack

Discussion Genre Display Pack


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Discussion Genre Display Pack

To produce informative displays to reinforce Literacy work on discussion texts, simply arrange the contents of the pack on a suitably-sized display board and enhance by adding children's work, published examples and a Word Bank.

Each of the 6 packs contain the following: 

  • 'Features of discussions' (H 20cm x W 26cm) - main heading
  • 'Purpose' (H 9cm x W 26cm)- outlines the purpose of discussion texts
  • 'Word bank' heading (H 5cm x W 26cm) - add words associated with discussion texts underneath this heading. Include some blank word cards so that the children can contribute to the display as the work progresses
  • 'Published examples' list (H 26cm x W 20cm) - display 'real' examples of discussion texts, as listed on the sheet
  • 'Our examples' heading (H 5cm x W 26cm) - add examples of the children's work (completed and in draft form)
  • 'Text structure' (H 26cm x W 20cm) - helpful information sheet
  • 'Word/sentence features' (H 26cm x W 20cm) - helpful information sheet
  • 'Tips for writing' (H 26cm x W 20cm) - a useful checklist for the children to refer to whilst writing in the particular genre

The pack provides an instant 'working' display related to the writing genre being studied and serve as a reinforcement/reference point of the genre's features.

The display can be referred to by the teacher during lessons for the duration of the teaching.

The children are encouraged to contribute to the ongoing display by adding words for the 'Word Bank'.

The children's work, both in draft and completed form, can be displayed alongside published examples of the writing genre.

The Discussion Genre Display Pack can be re-used year after year, especially if laminated for durability.

The Discussion Genre Display Pack has been produced using the Sassoon Primary font. 

  • Use of attractively-designed vocabulary during Literacy can increase motivation and raise attainment.
  • It also makes a positive contribution to classroom display.

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